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Exuma Park Rules & Regulations


The mission of the Bahamas National Trust is to conserve and protect the natural resources of  The Bahamas , through stewardship and education for present and future generations. 

Following two simple rules will help every visitor enjoy and preserve every BNT Park:


On the Cays > Take Only Photos - Leave Only Footprints

In the Sea > Take Only Photos - Leave Only Bubbles

Bahamas National Trust Bye-Laws

In order to fulfill its mission all land and sea parks and protected areas managed by the Bahamas National Trust are subject to the rules and regulations as expressed in the BNT Bye-Laws.

 View BNT Park Regulations


Exuma Park Rules

Due to its unique natureI these specific rules and regulations apply to visitors to the Exama Cays Land & Sea Park in addition to the BNT regulations.

                                        View Exuma Park Rules

Exuma Park Pet Policy

Many boat owners now travel with their pets aboard. You are welcome to visit the park with your pet aboard but it is important for all pet owners to carefully follow Exuma Park's pet policy:

View Exuma Park Pet Policy

Exuma Park Camping & Kayaking Policy

Most visitors arrive and live aboard their own boats when visiting Exuma Park, however, a few visitors prefer to camp on one of  Exuma Park's cays. It is essential for those visitors who wish to camp or kayak in the park to notify the Park Office and to follow park regulations.

View Camping & Kayaking Policy

Thank you for helping protect and preserve the natual beauty of The Bahamas!


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