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Exuma Park Pet Policy

BNT parks are managed to preserve and maintain a delicate ecological balance between native species. Non-native plants and animals often upset that balance. Domestic dogs and cats are natural predators that may harass or even kill native wildlife which is protected within the Park’s boundaries. Many of our parks include trails, and since pets are sometimes hard to control, even on a leash, they may trample or dig up fragile vegetation. Pets retain a primitive instinct to mark their territories with scent and can spread diseases to other wildlife.

This policy is designed to protect the natural environments of the native species, while recognizing that many visitors to the park are traveling and have pets with them. These guidelines are designed for ther pet’s protection as well. When a loose pet chases an animal, the wild animal’s ability to survive is threatened, and it may react aggressively or leave the area altogether. There are also many deep sinkholes on the cays which pose a danger to loose pets.

Over the years pets have resulted in the destruction of bird nesting sites, loss of rare or endangered species (Rock Iguanas and Hutia), and the disturbance of native vegetation. Scientific studies have indicated that control of domestic animals should be increased throughout the park owned properties.

  • Pets must be leashed or physically restrained from harassing or harming wildlife and vegetation at all times.
  • Pet leashes may be no longer than six (6) feet in length.
  • Pets may not be left unattended on park property.
  • Pets may not be tied to trees, bushes, tables, or shelter facilities even when the owners are present.
  • Pets are permitted on the beaches of most cays, however they are NOT permitted on trails, in the backcountry, or cays designated as prohibited for pets.
  • Non-furbearing pets, such as reptiles, birds, or fish, must be confined under the physical control of the owner.
  • Captive wild species, whether native or non-native, and barnyard animals are prohibited from park property..
  • Areas of the park designated as prohibited for pets shall be determined based on park natural and cultural resources.
  • Failure to abide by these rules may result in the visitor being asked to confine the pet to their vessel, remove the pet from the park or to leave the cay / park

Exuma Park understands that some dogs need a lot of exercise - please ask the Park Office about visiting the sand bar at low tide if you need to excerise your dog.

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