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 Hawksbill Cay

Hawksbill, an uninhabited cay owned by Exuma Park, has numerous soft sand beaches on both the western and eastern shores of the cay. Particular highlights for visits here include the Layalist Ruins, the spectacular beaches, and the amazing harbors and bays.

Two separate mooring fields on the banks side are available for use while you explore.    The northern mooring field at the center of the cay holds four moorings.   This field runs along the long sandy beach (Adler Beach) and is just south of the entrance to the trail to the old Loyalist settlement that populated the cay in the late 1700’s. A trail from Adler Beach runs across the cay and then branches off to the sound side North and South Beaches.   

The main mooring field, with a drop box, is on the southwest corner of the cay.   The waters along the northern shore and in the southern cove of the cay are very shallow and are best explored on a rising tide to avoid being stranded in your dinghy. Avoid very strong tidal currents in the cuts.

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Hawksbill Cut

Hawksbill Cay

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